Ministry of Emergency Situations set about 100 new warning swimming signs in Lake Sevan: water rescuers saved 27 citizens’ lives

16:08 / 02.09.2019

Since July 1 by Minister Feliks Tsolakyan’s order the Special Water Rescue Squad of Sevan has gone into strengthened service.

Besides the main site of Sevan Special Water Rescue Squad water rescuers implemented strengthened service on 3 public beaches as well.

In order to organize the service effectively 3 movable trailer homes were set on public beaches provided with necessary working and household conditions for water rescuers.

Water rescuers are provided with necessary technical means for the implementation of water rescue activities.

In order to make the rest of citizens safer on public beaches this year Ministry of Emergency Situations has acquired about 100 new warning swimming signs, which were set not only on public beaches, but also on the beaches of Martuni, Gavar, Vardenis, Chambarak.

Warning signs define that coastal part swimming beyond which may be dangerous.

During the swimming period water rescuers managed to save 27 citizens’ lives.

Besides implementing service on public beaches by Minister Feliks Tsolakyan’s order in case of necessity water rescuers implemented service on private beaches too and provided safety of the participants of public events.

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