Feliks Tsolakyan held disciplinary meeting

18:57 / 26.08.2019

On 26 August Feliks Tsolakyan, Minister of Emergency Situations of RA held disciplinary meeting with executive staff of the Ministry.

The situation of high risk of fire was investigated, the actions arising from it was analyzed in detail.

Minister Tsolakyan noticed that from now on, after each major fire, a detailed analysis would be implemented, clarified the reasons and established a nominal liability for those responsible for omissions. The employees who have done their job properly will be rewarded.

Feliks Tsolakyan expressed gratitude to the firefighters, who were involved in firefighting activities and highlighted the devotion of the rescuers fighting the fire. The rescuers without hesitation endangered their lives for performing their tasks.

Minister of MES of RA convinced that heroism of the firefighters must be judged by merit and society must know its rescuers. Minister will propose, if possible, increase the salaries.

According to Feliks Tsolakyan, in order to achieve goals, he will always pay attention to discipline, organization, adequate assessment of shortcomings and good job.

In order to give effective solution to present issues Minister Feliks Tsolakyan assigned Hovhannes Yemishyan, Secretary of the Headquarters, established by Prime Minister’s Decision, during emergency calls to inform the members of the headquarters according to the functions and follow that other departments implemented the responsibilities assigned by Prime Minister’s Decision.

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