Civil Defense Event in the Inspection Body of Market Surveillance

16:40 / 22.08.2019

On August 22 the group of specialists of Civil Defense Department of the Rescue Service of MES visited the Inspection Body of Market Surveillance.

Headquarters exercise on ''The implementation of the operations of bringing Civil Defense system to readiness by CD executive staff'' was held in the department.

The aim of the event was to raise the readiness of response forces towards the implementation of the issues set before them, to check the readiness level of CD headquarters, evacuation committee and units and the assessment of the realism of the plan.

During the exercise the issues relating protection of confidential regime, development of confidential documents, rotation of officials and saturation of CD units with furniture and equipment were discussed in detail.

The issues relating state control, safety and provision of uniformity of measurements towards the conservation of non-food products marketed by businessmen, as well as procedural issues of the implementation of the inspections were reviewed.

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