Arkadi Balyan hosted the Delegation of RF Nizhny Novgorod region

13:20 / 21.08.2019

On August 21 Arkadi Balyan, Deputy Minister of Emergency Situations hosted the Delegation of RF Nizhny Novgorod Region Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Representatives of relevant bodies and enterprises producing techniques of special importance and medical equipment of the region were involved in the delegation.

Arkadi Balyan welcomed the guests and briefly represented Armenian-Russian multilateral cooperation in the field of emergency situations, particularly the activity of Russian-Armenian Humanitarian Center.

Sergey Zvonkov, Director of the Center for Developing Export Capacity of Nizhny Novgorod Region expressed his gratitude for the meeting and noted that Russian side was open for all the offers of cooperation development and showed confidence that the export capacity of the region would be able to satisfy all the requirements of Armenia in the field of emergency situations.

Afterwards representatives of the enterprises represented Deputy Minister of MES the product of their organizations: armored and caterpillar technique, anti-landslide and medical equipment, human transportation inside the buildings.

Arkadi Balyan promised to get acquainted with the offers together with the specialists of the Ministry and in case of necessity to make changes in the list of the necessary techniques and equipment represented to the Russian side through Russian-Armenian Humanitarian Center.

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