RS Consultation: analysis of the fires of public interest as a preventive means

15:51 / 16.08.2019

On August 16 a working consultation was held in the Rescue Service. Vrezh Gabrielyan, r/s general-mayor, Leading Director of the Rescue Service held the consultation.

Heads of the Regional Rescue Departments and structural subdivisions gave reports on the summarized information of the activities implemented on August 10-16.

General-mayor listened to the reports and paid a particular attention to fire-dangerous situation of the country. The main reason of it is human factor conditioned by high weather temperature.

He assigned the responsible departments to represent complete observations of the fires of public interest for the analysis and conclusions in a 5-day-period.

V. Gabrielyan informed that hereinafter destruction of the found and neutralized explosive devices and projectiles would be implemented by the means of the Ministry in a special area. He noted that the function was already started.

Mr. Gabrielyan summarized the consultation and mentioned that there were smoking hearths in the forest near “Arevik” National Park on Lehvaz-vardanidzor roadway of Syunik province. Fire and Rescue Squads of the Regional Rescue departments of the Rescue Service continued implementing fire extinguishing activities. Fire isolation was announced. Proceed from the course of the events he called for being more vigilant ready to implement operations raising from the situation.

21.575 emergency calls were served in “911” central emergency center in the reporting period. 26 and 12 calls were served by medical and psychological consultation. 47 emergency calls were served through anti-fire signal system. 214 messages were registered by “911 SMS” system. 16 of the registered fires occurred in buildings, 192 – in vegetated areas (about 377 ha was burnt).

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