Minister of Emergency Situations Feliks Tsolakyan Hosted the Delegation Led by Shombi Sharp, UN Resident Coordinator in Armenia

15:46 / 14.08.2019

On August 14 Feliks Tsolakyan, Minister of Emergency Situations of the RA, hosted the delegation led by Shombi Sharp, UN Resident Coordinator in Armenia.

Minister highlighted the productivity of the cooperation of MES with UN, which tends to reduce disaster risks, as well as capacity building of the elimination of disaster consequences.

Minister Tsolakyan represented the UN Resident Coordinator the main directions of the policy of MES and the process of the on-going events in the field of disaster risk reduction.

During the meeting they touched upon the Armenian Urban Search and Rescue team, which implemented the issue set before them excellently and in 2015 the team was awarded with INSARAG external qualification certificate for a 5-year-period. The re-qualification process of the certificate is scheduled for September 1-4, 2020.

INSARAG external re-qualification certificate proves the fact of the high preparedness of the team and the capacity to render assistance to the population suffered from possible disaster in various countries of the world.

Minister Tsolakyan highlighted the establishment of urban search and rescue teams corresponding to INSARAG standards in the provinces of Armenia.

To Minister’s point of view it is necessary to strengthen discipline, improve mobility and flexibility to make decisions on the spot.

Forthcoming structural changes are intended to increase the number of workers in rescue subdivisions of special importance.

Minister Tsolakyan spoke about MES needs and marked out the issues of firefighting cars intended for high-rise (50 meters and more) buildings, as well as insufficiency of water-carrier cars during forest fires.

UN Resident Coordinator Shombi Sharp expressed his gratitude for the reception and remembered that in those years when he worked in Georgia the Armenian firefighters who came to render assistance during the large-scale fire in Borjomi in 2017 worked operatively and effectively.

According to Shombi Sharp INSARAG team of Armenia is the best.

According to him Armenian Urban Search and Rescue team is ready to hand in an application and get a higher degree of qualification.

At the end of the meeting Feliks Tsolakyan informed UN Resident Coordinator Shombi Sharp that humanitarian aid of about 130 tones intended for the population suffered from military conflict was sent to the Syrian Arab Republic by the joint decision of Armenian and Russian Governments.

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