Feliks Tsolakyan: kindness is necessary for being a rescuer

13:10 / 08.07.2019

On July 8 the solemn ceremony of presenting diplomas to 231 graduating students of the Crisis Management State Academy of the RA was held in the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

Feliks Tsolakyan, Minister of Emergency Situations, Arayik Harutyunyan, Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sport and other MES officials were present in the event.

178 students trained with 6 professions got a bachelor’s degree. 53 graduating students who successfully overcame the middle professional training program got diplomas, too.

Feliks Tsolakyan and Arayik Harutyunyan presented diplomas to the excellent graduated students.

In the beginning of the event Feliks Tsolakyan, Minister of Emergency Situations suggested the participants honoring the memory of the victims as a result of the massive accidents occurred on Tbilisi-Senak-Leselidze roadway of Georgia on July 7 and on the bridge of Zod in Ararat province on July 6.

Feliks Tsolakyan, Minister of Emergency Situations noted in his congratulatory speech that the event was envisaged to organize in a more solemn way with the performance of MES orchestra and concert program, but as a result of the accidents, unfortunately victims were registered, which spontaneously exclude any ceremony.

“This is the rescuer’s fate;” - noted Minister of Emergency Situations appealing to CMSA.

“One of the important stages of life is acquiring a profession and at the same time it is the beginning of a new way. And the way you chose isn’t surely an easy one. To be a rescuer is more complicated than to be a doctor, as he not only saves lives, but also very often risks his life for saving another’s. There is another more important feature in the rescuer’s work besides professionalism and stable knowledge, it is kindness. You should be kind to implement your rescue service of population and civil defense, combat disasters and their consequences in the due manner”, - noted Feliks Tsolakyan.

Appealing to the graduating students Feliks Tsolakyan expressed confidence that they realized all the nuances and knew well the role and meaning of their profession for the citizens and for the state.

“I’m sure that you will refer to your work with great responsibility and understand that it is not anything but an everyday persistent struggle for the sake of rescued lives and against irreparable consequences. You can keep the rescuer’s humanitarian image and honor by implementing your professional responsibilities and displaying conscientiousness and devotion. MES will always have the need of this kind of professionals,” – said Feliks Tsolakyan.

Arayik Harutyunyan, Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sport congratulated and wished success to the graduating students and called them to use their professional knowledge in the due manner in the future and expressed confidence that those students who graduate from CMSA get qualified education.

In the end of the event CMSA graduating students showed their professional skills.

Then H. Matevosyan, r/s general-mayor, CMSA rector represented the Ministers professional technical and educational literature which they had at their disposal and applied in the training process.

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