MES appeals to follow the rules

17:30 / 17.06.2019

Parallel to the sharp increase in temperature snakes become active, which causes trouble among population.

In order to avoid miscomprehension once more we remind of the main rules in case of venomous snake bite.

1. Calm down the casualty and lessen his movements and panic as much as possible.

2. Immediately call “103” or “911” service.

3. Squeeze the bitten part until blood flow stops (up to 5 min).

4. Take the casualty to the nearest medical institution as quickly as possible or approach the casualty to the coming aid.

5. Use (give the casualty) a lot of liquids before rendering aid.

In case of absence of the aid on the spot, when being too far from the specialized medical institutions or in extreme cases (in case of foot bite) you can apply a tourniquet on the upper part of the wound in order to stop the spread of venom and you should not remove it before rendering specialized aid.

In case of hand bite you should keep it folded.

MES appeals to Mass Media and citizens who show public activity, to use the information given by the authorized bodies following the above-mentioned rules.

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