Head of Cynology Service of MES of the RF: “I’m engraved from the great desire of the Armenian colleagues to perfect themselves”.

17:00 / 14.06.2019

On June 14 the solemn ceremony of granting certificates of the improvement of professional skills of 8 cynologists of the scout and cynology squad of the center of carrying out activities of special importance took place in the Russian-Armenian Humanitarian Response Center.

Certificates were granted to scout-cynologists by Arkadi Balyan, Deputy Minister of MES.

In the framework of the activities of Russian-Armenian Humanitarian Response Center trainings for the improvement of professional skills of the cynologists of MES were organized on “Application of Cynologial Calculation in the search of casualties in case of man-made collapses” from May 20 to June 14.

In the aim of the organization of training process Aleksandr Aleksandrov and Nadezhda Nikolayeva, lecturers of Saint Petersburg University of State Fire Service of EMERCOM of Russia, internationally qualified specialists visited Armenia.

At the end of 144-hours training qualification examinations, as well as demonstration exercises of scout-cynologists headed under the title of “Anti-terror” were held in the educational parade-ground of MES situated in Arzni.

According to the scenario of the exercise an explosion occurred in a residential building. Information was received that there were casualties under the ruins of the semi-collapsed building, there was an explosive material in the building.

A task was set for the scout-cynologists and dogs trained by them to check the car parked in front of the building and the surroundings of the building in order to find explosive materials, as well as casualties under the ruins.

Scout-cynologists could clearly solve the problems both during the exercise and the examination.

“I’m very engraved from the Armenian colleagues’ ability to work, great desire to learn and perfect themselves”, - noted Aleksandr Aleksandrov, Head of the Cynology Service of the South-Eastern Federal District of MES of the RF, summarizing the three-week trainings.

“I was happy to meet people who not only want to learn, but also do it”; - said Aleksandr Aleksandrov.

According to the specialist the right choice and training of dogs should be the basis of the cynologist’s activity.

“The teaching of specialists and training of dogs should be continual in this sphere. If the knowledge and the abilities of the cynologist and his inseparable colleague dog do not be applied for years and save even one man’s life, then our efforts would not be in vain”; - noted Aleksandr Aleksandrov.

Arkadi Balyan wished the scout-cynologists absence of the necessity to apply their knowledge and abilities, too.

“God forbids that your knowledge would ever be applied, I wish you success and all the best”; - noted Arkadi Balyan.

Deputy Minister of MES expressed his gratitude to the specialists arrived from the RF for their fruitful and productive work.

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