Civil Defense Events in the Statistical Committee and State Control Service

17:04 / 24.05.2019

On May 23-24 events on Civil Defense were held in two state departments: Statistical Committee and State Control Service (hereinafter; SCS).

On May 23 a headquarter training on “Operations of the Executive Staff of Civil Defense during Implementation of the Actions for the Preparedness of Civil Defense System” was held by the participation of the staff of the Statistical Committee.

In the framework of the training issues on immigration, emigration, sex-age structure, employment of the population, demography, economy, as well as on the correlation of the main indices of the statistic data relating various spheres of the RA.

On May 24 the group of the specialists of the Civil Defense of the Rescue Service of MES held a special tactic training on “Organization of the sheltering actions in case of “Air Siren””.

According to the scenario administrative buildings of some governing bodies of Yerevan and objects of great importance were bombarded by the enemy. As a result medical and engineering complicated situation was arisen and primary operations towards the defense of the staff were implemented.

The aim of the event was to check the preparedness level of the units, evacuation committee, headquarters, executive staff of the civil defense and review the realism of the evacuation plan of the structure.

Issues relating the rotation of the officers, saturation with equipment and property to the units of Civil Defense were discussed.

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