RA ES Minister Visited Aragatsotn Marz: An Anti-hail Missile System has been Launched

13:30 / 19.05.2018

On May 19, RA Emergency Situations Minister Hrachya Rostomyan visited Armavir and Aragatsotn Marzes to observe the testing of rocket launchers and missiles located within the framework of the anti-hail missile protection pilot program.

The experimental shootings of the missiles were successful, the problems recorded during the previous testing were eliminated, and minor differences were recorded during the execution of a shot from a large-caliber pipe.

The three missile stations located in the communities of Aknalich of the RA Armavir Marz, Voskevaz and Artashavan communities of Aragatsotn Marz would take under anti-hail protection 33 communities of Armavir Marz, 26 communities of Aragatsotn Marz and one community of Kotayk Marz. The list of communities can be found here:

The following activities had been implemented so far within the framework of the Pilot Program:

1. The Radiolocation Station of Aragatsotn Marz had been modernized,

2. Personnel training had been implemented,

3. Missile storage tanks had been rebuilt in the anti-hail centers of Armavir and Aragatsotn Marzes,

4. Rocket shooting procedures were developed and adopted as a joint order of the Minister of Emergency Situations, the Minister of Defense and the Head of General Department of Civil Aviation,

5. Three missile stations were purchased and deployed in Armavir and Aragatsotn Marzes,

6. 120 "AS" type anti-hail missiles were purchased and transferred to Armenia. Additional six missiles were provided free of charge by the rocket-propelled plant for carrying out experimental shooting,

7. Two testing of rocket stations and missiles were carried out with the participation of RA Ministry of Emergency Situations and Ministry of Defense specialists.

A relevant decision on the expansion of missile protection would be made after the launch of the missile protection system, the use of 120 missiles and the summary of the results.

From May 22 to 25, representatives of “ANTIGRAD” company, the Polymer Materials Research Institute and “Irvis” Company will arrive in Armenia, to conduct trainings for the RA MES employees, to carry out rocket stations and missiles testing, respond to emerging professional issues and to discuss further development programs. 

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