Armenian-Russian Humanitarian Response Center is being Re-equipped

16:22 / 16.11.2017

On November 16, the RA ES Minister Davit Tonoyan attended the equipment transfer ceremony at the Armenian-Russian Humanitarian Response Center.

In accordance with the agreement reached between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Armenia, approximately US $ 16 million equivalent support will be provided to the RA MES Armenian-Russian Humanitarian Response Center in 2017, including rescue equipment and inventory.

With the first batch of the necessary property, “Solar 555 MK” and “Korvet 500 – FISH” motor boats had already been provided to the RA MES RS Special water-rescue squad.

The second batch of the inventory included two “Solar 555 MK” and “Korvet 500 – FISH” motor boats, 5 “UAZ Patriot” vehicles, one vehicle intended for divers and one for sappers, lanterns, “OMEGA” respirators, generators, search devices, 10,000 blankets, 5,000 folding beds.

Recently, 8 quadrocycles that were provided to Armenia within the framework of the same agreement had been tested in the Humanitarian Response Center, and the specialists arrived from Russia conducted trainings for their Armenian colleagues to introduce the skills and characteristics of the quadrocycles. ATVs were designed for quick transfer of the rescuers and equipment and rapid response in difficult relief conditions, moors, snow-capped and hard-to-reach places.

Co-director of the Armenian-Russian Humanitarian Response Center from the Armenian side, r/s Colonel Pavel Gyozalyan noted that the re-equipment of the Center was underway, and the new set of equipment and devices would soon reach the Center, including both fire-rescue equipment and a suitable outfit.  

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