New Information Technologies Introduction Issues Discussed

15:06 / 23.06.2016

On June 23, the information technologies sector representatives visited the RA Ministry of Emergency Situations.

Issues related to software packages in IT sector required for the Crisis Management National Center were discussed with the RS Deputy Director, r/s Major General N. Grigoryan, Head of CMNC, r/s Colonel H. Khangeldyan and Director of Information Providing and Notification Center H. Vahanyan at the RA MES Crisis Management National Center.

Information technologies can be applied to improve the monitoring process, organize the joint activities of rapid response forces, as well as to determine the location of emergency cases, and faster access to the scene.

Considering population awareness and disasters resistance preparedness as priorities, IT sector experts have been suggested to jointly discuss and decide the further actions, to introduce other spheres and the most effective ways of cooperation in improving disaster risk management.

During the meeting, the head of CMNC H. Khangeldyan also presented the main functions of the Crisis Management National Center, and then key issues related to the software packages were discussed.

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