Summarizing the Three-Day Training Exercise on Crisis Communication

20:10 / 09.07.2015

On July 9, the third and final phase of the three-day staff training exercise on “Crisis Communication and Public Awareness” in case of disaster (a strong earthquake), in Armenia was held at the Crisis Management State Academy of the RA MTAES.

According to the scenario, there was a strong earthquake in one of the regions of the RA, there were many “victims, injured and homeless” people. A “hot line” was set up, a special web page was established, a portable media center was deployed near the “disaster zone”, which provided mass media activities and regular information just from the disaster zone.

During the ongoing discussions, conducted at the practical stage of the event, raffling press conferences, enlightening the situation created were held with the participation of representatives of various international organizations. It was also organized a visit to the disaster zone by media representatives, as well as posting the information on a special web page and spreading information by various media channels.

Summing up the results of the training exercise, the RA MTAES RS Deputy Director, r/s Major-General Nikolay Grigoryan expressed gratitude to the participants and the US Embassy Office of Defense Cooperation, highlighting the fact, that the Embassy had always supported Armenian specialists in the field of public awareness.

-It is very important to study the international experience. I assure, that we are moving in the right direction. Everything is tested and discovered in the world, only the investment of these experience is left. During the exercises, we realized, what shortcomings we have, we understood what shall we do, that every expert and representative shall know his responsibilities in case of disaster. I think, that each of you will leave for home, taking with him/her a bunch of knowledge, -noted N. Grigoryan.

The representative of the North Atlantic Division, US Army Corps of Engineers Devai Uonge expressed gratitude for the cooperation, noting, that the training exercise was unique in the sense, that scripts and episodes on public awareness and mass media interaction were played out at the training exercise for the first time.

- This training exercise can become a firm basis for holding the following activities. During the work we all found out our weaknesses and shortcomings, and the American side, in turn, had the opportunity to learn some things from the Armenian specialists.

Most impressive was the rapid resolution of technical problems risen in the course of the training exercise, which is a reflection of the strong will of the Armenian people and the successful management practices of General N. Grigoryan, concluded D. Uonge.

Note, that the training exercise was organized by the RA TAES Ministry with the support of the Office of Defense Cooperation (ODC) of the US Embassy in Armenia.

The training exercise was attended by senior officials of the ministries and governmental structures, regional administrations, international and non-governmental organizations, media services of large private enterprises. The training was also attended by heads of public relations of different states of the US Army Corps of Engineers.

In conclusion, all participants received certificates and a CD with useful training materials.

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