TAES First Deputy Minister Attended the regional Council Session of Shirak

00:00 / 27.03.2015

On March 27, the regular regional Council session in 2015 was held in the conference hall of Shirak Regional Administration, which was attended by RA TAES First Deputy Minister Vache Terteryan, TAES Deputy Minister Karen Isakhanyan, Shirak Governor Feliks Tsolakyan, leaders of communities of the region and members of municipal councils.

Governor F. Tsolakyan presented the socio-economic situation in the region in 2014 and current activities of 2015. The Governor touched upon activities performed over the past year in the spheres of agriculture, nature protection, land construction and land use.

“However, though cases of frost were recorded in the region in 2014, but with the Government support, we more or less overcame the problems”, noted the Governor. F. Tsolakyan considered the year 2015 unsatisfactory in terms of tax collection. “I assess the activities on property tax collection positively, but the land tax collection was rather incomplete. The reason of this omission is that contracts are not signed with the farmers, and the fees are not charged on time”,- added the Governor.

Head of Shirak Regional Rescue Department of the RA MTAES Rescue Service Marat Saribekyan reported on activities carried out towards the prevention, reduction and elimination of the consequences of possible spring floods. The region community leaders were recommended to keep rapid response teams and engineering technique fully prepared and have a reserve of fuel for preventive measures. These works will be continued not only during flood hazards, but also throughout the year”, -noted M. Saribekyan. According to him, the analysis of cases of floods of the previous 7 years allows to conclude, that the meteorological conditions during the winter months will have either a positive or negative effect on the formation of flows in April-June, depending on the sharp increase in air temperature.

Having summarized the issues raised at the regional council session and assessed the overall performed work positively, TAES First Deputy Minister V. Terteryan noted, that Shirak was considered one of the most important agricultural regions of the republic, where the Government implemented a number of projects, whereas, according to Terteryan there were some shortcomings in this area, connected with payments of purchased goods.

Overall positively assessing the work on implementation of the budget and the collection of various taxes in the region, V. Terteryan noted, that nevertheless, in this sphere as well, some communities have got large gaps. First Deputy Minister also referred to the creation of the second fire - rescue service in the region. “Proportionate good traditions have been established with Shirak Regional Administration, and the region is always in the spotlight of the Ministry and Ministry Staff. I think, this issue will also be resolved in the near future”, -concluded V. Terteryan.

Some community leaders also presented issues and recommendations related to the topics discussed at the regional Council session. In particular, some community leaders raised the issue of effective usage of water resources of Mantash reservoir.
After the regional Council session, TAES First Deputy Minister, accompanied by the Governor F.Tsolakyan, visited Shirak Regional Rescue Department and familiarized with the center, which in the near future would be put into operation.

During the interview with journalists, V. Terteryan noted, that the Regional Rescue Department of Shirak would attach new breath to the second city of the republic, renovating the allocated space. “This structure, along with its modern elements will give new appearance to Gyumri. Schoolchildren and students of various communities of the region may be invited here to get acquainted with the ongoing activities. It will encourage young people, who are interested in getting professional education in this sphere”, - concluded V. Terteryan.

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