Positive Tendency in Statistics of Accidents

00:00 / 22.01.2015

 On January 22, the Head of RA MTAES Crisis Management Center, r/s Colonel Hovhannes Khangeldyan held a press conference in the “Post Scriptum” press club. The key theme of the meeting was the statistics of emergency cases in the past year and the prospects of “911” service development, which provides emergency assistance to people.
In his speech, O. Khangeldyan stressed the fact, that there was a positive tendency in the statistics of emergency cases, registered in the crisis management center:
-Last year we had 12076 cases of different character (in 2013 -11091 cases), most of which were fires, traffic accidents and poisonings. But compared with 2013, in 2014 the number of victims from different cases had been decreased. Accordingly, in 2013 the number of victims was 615 and 8647 wounded, while in 2014 - 591 victims and 8934 wounded.
Compared with last year, the number of accidents on New Year holidays, as well as the number of victims and wounded have been decreased:
- The holidays were marked by a lot of blocked cars accidents. Meantime, more than 300 different vehicles were taken out of blocking and good cooperation was established between the Police and “Road Construction” Ltd.
Referring to the unification of the Ministries of Territorial Administration and Emergency Situations, the Head of Crisis Management Center stated, that it would contribute to the centralized management of the various functions and work efficiency enhancement.
-Works are being carried out with 3 mobile operators in the direction of localization of “911” and “103” services calls, in order the calls to directly be connected with the local units. In this direction, the first test is scheduled to perform in the city of Vanadzor, Lori region.
Computer software packages had also been developed for centralized management of calls, so that all services could simultaneously monitor the process of the service call.
Colonel Khangeldyan also told the reporters, that in 2014 RA MTAES Crisis Management Center has received 1,464,000 calls, which are 7.3% or 99,000 more than in 2013., And none of those calls was left without a response.

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