Consultative Meeting Attended by Governors

00:00 / 21.01.2015

 On January 21, Minister TAES Armen Yeritsyan held a consultative meeting with participation of the RA Governors. The main issues on the agenda were related to:
- execution of community budgets RA in 2014 and approval of the budget 2015.,
- work programs of administrative control in 2015.
-RA communities’ information database update.
-distribution of expenses of public secondary schools subordinated to municipalities
- enlargement of the communities
- debts for fertilizers, diesel fuel and seeds,
- details relating to the activities and working conditions of the RA citizens- migrants working on the territory of the member states of the EEU.
At the beginning of the meeting Minister of TAES A. Yeritsyan noted, that a daily work will be conducted with the governors, and he will personally take part in the consultative meetings of the regional councils every trimester. Addressing the governors, A. Yeritsyan urged to strengthen work with the mayors and heads of communities, promised to visit all the communities, to get familiarized with the current issues on the spot.
Among the issues on the agenda submitted to the Minister a report on the collection of revenues RA communities in 2014 was delivered. According to that the real revenues RA communities in 2014 were scheduled for 115,340,102 thousand AMD, but amounted to 113,985,069 thousand AMD (98.8% performance). In comparison with 2013., revenues grew by 7.9% or 8,344,610 thousand. AMD.
Total income (ie without official grants) were scheduled 33,797,265 thousand AMD, amounted to 33,241,506 thousand drams (98.4% performance).
In comparison with 2013, collection of personal income had been increased by 10.2% or 3,082,443 thousand AMD. In addition, the overall index compared with 2012-2013 have been increased in all regions.
Minister of TAES was also reported, that according to the work program of the administrative control in 2015, it is planned to monitor 311 communities in 10 regions throughout the year. In the first trimester of this year surveillance will be conducted in 67 communities.
From January 2, 2015, RA citizens are not required to have a permit or patent for working in Eurasian Economic Union member states (Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russian Federation).
More details about the working activities and conditions can be found here.

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