The backup server center for the RA Government is in safe hands

13:24 / 02.09.2014

On September 2, the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the RA hosted the joint press conference of the Minister of Emergency Situations of Armenia Armen Yeritsyan and Viva Cell-MTS General Manager Ralph Yirikian, which was dedicated to the creation of a backup server center for the RA Government.

According to the memorandum signed a year ago, VivaCell- MTS allotted the Ministry of Emergency Situations AMD 50 million to cover the creation of the center, the purchase of the property, equipment and technical means. The UNDP office in Armenia provided AMD 12.4 million for the implementation of the project. 

The backup server center (BSC) was set up for providing organization of civil protection emergency activities in peacetime and civil defense management in wartime, for providing reliable management and maintenance, for keeping information secure and using it in a safe and efficient way, as well as for centralizing the backup information systems of state offices and facilitating their operation.

Minister of Emergency Situations A. Yeritsyan once again thanked the company VivaCell- MTS for the constant support:

- I remember, when I first visited VivaCell- MTS and saw your server center, I felt, that we still have a lot to do. Today, when, thanks to major contributions to the creation of this center, I want to once again say thank you, that you are always with us. This is very important for our country, because God forbid, if something happens, we can continue to work from here.

In his speech VivaCell- MTS General Manager Ralph Yirikian stressed the essential role of information security in the modern world:

Both, as a person and as a businessman, I very much appreciate the information security and the need for long-term contributions to this process. Therefore, we have tried to have our contribution in this issue. We are proud and always willing to stand by your side in all your endeavors.

The works on setting up a backup server center (BSC) in the RA Ministry of Emergency Situations started in summer, 2013. In the administrative building of the RA Ministry of Emergency Situations, that was designed and constructed according to advanced security and seismic resistance requirements, special offices and complimentary areas were separated and furnished appropriate to international standards and facilitated with modern infrastructures.

To ensure the safe operation of the backup server center, the system was equipped with a 150kW/h reserve power supply generator, uninterruptable power supply (“UPS”) systems, a modern cooling system, automatic alarm and firefighting systems, a video surveillance system, a climate control system (humidity, smoke, temperature, dust, etc,) a control system and a separate grounding system, as well as an electronic control system with input/output permission.

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