Recommended to all- swim only in public areas, where emergency workers are on duty all day long

16:48 / 22.08.2014

On August 22, commander of a special water-rescue detachment of Gegharkunik rescue service regional department of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Armenia, Senior Lieutenant Armen Chzmachyan during a press conference presented the work done by water rescuers, touched upon mortality statistics and once again warned: “As this year, based on good weather conditions, the number of vacationers has increased, I recommend our people to follow the instructions and advice and admonition given by the rescuers. Avoid alcoholic drinks and avoid getting into water after using plenty of food, don’t jump from water transport, don’t swim in unfamiliar water areas, as well as observe the underwater topography before entering the water, in order to avoid injuries of sharp-edged objects. I recommend not to swim up the swimming signs and be careful with the fast water transport”.
A. Chzmachyan also said, that this year in Lake Sevan 23 people were rescued by the rescue detachment, 4 people drowned, compared with 5 drowned last year. Basically, they were drowned in the areas, which were not been under control. “A special water-rescue detachment has 38 lifeguards, and to control the entire territory of Lake Sevan, taking into account the size of the lake, a large number of employees is required. By our efforts, three public beaches are under control, also responding to calls from private beaches”.
The Commander of the special water-rescue detachment once again called on active vacationers, if necessary to call the 911service, and the rapid response detachment will respond, if there were no lifeguards nearby.
This year, water-rescue detachment again got a new and modern equipment, that gave an opportunity to provide quick assistance all year round.
Rescue service on public beaches is performed by observation from the high towers, motorboats made preventive tours, and instructions were given over loudspeakers.
Commander of the special water-rescue detachment, Senior Lieutenant A. Chzmachyan reiterated, that emergency cases mainly occur due to the fault of victims by a violation of the stated rules.



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