Vanadzor-Alaverdi highway traffic has been restored

14:25 / 21.08.2014

Loose stones removal works had been completed

On August 20, at 18:32 at the crisis management center of RS Lori regional rescue department of the RA Ministry of Emergency Situations, was received a call informing, that on the highway Vanadzor- Alaverdi stone crumble occurred.

Arriving at the scene, the operative group found, that on the 27th kilometer of Vanadzor - Alaverdi M-6 highway, in the result of heavy rain and wind, stones fell on the road from the cliff (8-10 m length). As a result, the 8-meter-wide road became impassable for trucks and difficult to pass for cars.

At 22.50, the road was cleared, the traffic was restored by “Lori Road Construction”. But at that place there were still stones, that could fall down from rain or shaking.

In the same period, on the 25th kilometer of the highway Vanadzor - Alaverdi, at the crossroads leading to the village Vahagni due to blockages in the sewer on the road Vanadzor - Alaverdi M-6, rainwater ran down the road, destroying half of the roadway (length 25m).

At 00:00 reconstruction works were stopped. To ensure the traffic safety, warning traffic signs have been installed on dangerous stretches of the road, and the traffic police carried out duty.

This morning the reconstruction works and activities on removing weakened stones were restarted.

Firefighters - rescuers of Lori SRD dropped off the cliffs the weakened stones, and the employees of “Lori Road Construction” had performed cleaning work on the highway.

RS Lori regional rescue department of the RA Ministry of Emergency Situations, “Lori Road Construction” JSC and the traffic police work in the place.

At 15:18, the works were completed, the traffic on the highway had been completely restored.

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