Another five persons with disabilities (PWD) will work at the Ministry of Emergency Situations

11:58 / 01.08.2014

On August 1, a regular meeting of the Commission evaluating the criteria of persons with disabilities, who have applied for admission to work was held at the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Armenia. The meeting was also attended by Minister of Emergency Situations A. Yeritsyan.

Representatives from the Ministry of Emergency Situations, Rescue Service and public organizations dealing with people with disabilities (“Unison”, “Pyunik”) were included in the commission.

5 people in wheelchairs were invited to the interview, who have applied for job. All PWD were from Lori region, from Vanadzor and Spitak cities.

The Commission shows an individual approach to each of them, trying, during a conversation, to identify the potential of citizens, who have applied for employment.

At the end of the meeting, the commission has decided to meet the 3-citizens applications, who will work in the new crisis management center of Lori regional Rescue Department.

Minister of Emergency Situations A. Yeritsyan instructed immediately to prepare orders for acceptance to work and start retraining courses.

Overall, 5 disabled citizens got jobs in Lori regional crisis management center.



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