Practical exercise in MES

08:34 / 25.07.2014

On July 24, members of Rescue Service special fire squad of the MES conducted a practical exercise. According to the plan it was envisaged to carry out extinguishing operations during a massive fire involving several combat crews.

Parallel extinguishing operations, the firefighter-rescuers evacuated citizens from the upper floors of a burning building with a special equpement, first aid was provided to injured.

The overall goal of the exercise was to provide implementation of coordinated operations of firefighter-rescuers of different combat crews during fire, as well as to conduct the general management of all combat crews from single center during extinguishing operations. The practical exercise of special fire squad was watched by Deputy Director of Rescue Service of the MES, r/s Major-General Vrezh Gabrielyan and Head of Rescue Forces Department r/s Colonel Pavel Gyozalyan.

With the help of special cranes intended for fire extinguishing, firefighter-rescuers at different heights of the building conducted extinguishing operations, after receiving the command streams of water from different points simultaneously were directed to the fireplace.

After the fire estinguishing final operations the firefighting headquarters summed up the results.



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