Reservoirs in the spotlight of the MoES

17:27 / 21.07.2014

Deputy Head of “Seismic Protection Survey” Agency of the MoES A. Tovmasyan, Head of Network and Information Agency of “SPS” V. Arzumanyan and Chief Specialist of “Seismic Protection Western Survey” SNCO of the MoES of the RA V. Khondkaryan completed another regular working trip to the reservoirs. This time they visited the reservoirs - Gegardalich in Kotayk region, Kosh, Agarak in Aragatsotn region and Mantash in Shirak region.

The main purpose of the visit was to study the working conditions of control-measuring devices, that were installed for monitoring the safety of dams.

During the mission was carried out inspection of reservoirs, checked the work of piezometric reservoir system, using on-site measurements, together with senior officials of the reservoirs. Reservoirs Mantash and Gegardalich, located at an altitude of more than 2,700 m, are difficult to reach from the point of view of the road. Despite this, all the work was performed on relevant level by the specialists.

Visits to the reservoirs Mantash and Gegardalich once again affirmed the impression formed during the trips, that people responsible for reservoirs work selflessly, lovingly and are careful about their difficult work and beautiful hydraulic structures. The intended work doesn’t only end with the studies done in the territory of the reservoirs. Discussions are conducted both locally and after a business trip at the SPS Agency.

The existing problems of reservoirs and their possible solutions have been discussed with responsible employees. Due to a number of issues, including issues related to reservoirs, this year turned out to be problematic, both collecting water in separate reservoirs and its delivery to users with minimal losses.


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