The regular training of airborne detachment of MoES

15:31 / 10.07.2014

On July 10, an airborne rescue squad of the MoES held a regular practical training at the airport of one of the military units of MoD.

Before performing a training flight, according to the appointment between the Ministry of Emergency Situations and the Ministry of Defense, the members of the rescue squad participated in special trainings, during which they gained theoretical knowledge of parachute management and then using special devices learned to control the parachute in the air.

Early in the morning the members of airborne rescue squad of the MoES arrived at the training flight place, where they passed the preflight medical examination, then began preparations for flight. Under the guidance of MD Colonel Tevos and captain Christina Ilikchyans instruction works were carried out with the squad members, after which everything was ready for flight. From commander observatory post the MoES airborne rescue squad’s members training flights were watched by Director of Rescue Service of MoES, Major-General Sergey Azaryan and the Head of the Rescue Forces Department, r/s colonel Pavel Gyozalyan.


The helicopter lifted the airborne squad members, where from about 800 meters height were implemented flights. This time, training jumps were performed by 16 members of airborne squad, 4 of which were representatives of fair sex. Airborne rescue squad of the MoES performed everything according to the plan, the members fulfilled all the tasks assigned to them. These air trainings will have lasting character, and practical skills received during the trainings will be applied by the members of airborne rescue squad of MoES in real rescue operations.

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