Memorable day for emergency workers

13:58 / 10.07.2014

In order to mitigate the summer heat, as well as to have fun and pleasure, the Ministry of Emergency Situations organized an interesting and memorable event.

On June 21, the trade union organization of workers of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, organized a trip to one of the historical - cultural monuments of Armenia - Tatev Monastery.

The initiative has not only a cognitive character, but also gave the opportunity to spend a nice day with colleagues.

The group consisted of 45 representatives from different departments of the Ministry. The first stop was in Noravank monastery complex built in the XIII-XIV centuries.

The complex represents the Holy Mother of God (Burtelashen) mausoleum-church, Saint Stepanos Nakhavka Church, St. Gregory Church, new Vanatun, as well as the ruins of medieval chapels and buildings.

Among many (cross-stones) khatchkars, for their high artistic merit were distinguished khatchkars by the famous miniature painter, sculptor, architect of the 13th century Momik. Here is a khatchkar erected in memory of Momik.

Thereafter, the group of the Ministry of Emergency Situations visited quite interesting and special place - Areni winery. For a moment, forgetting about the daily routine and the heat of the capital, they raised glasses for new acquaintances and continuation of such events. Group members tasted “Areni” wine collections of different years, which have unique taste.

Then the group left for Tatev. Tatev Monastery, which was founded in the IV century, played a significant role in the history as a center of economic, political, spiritual and cultural activity, and at the end of the VIII century it is known as the bishopric seat of Syunik.

The participants learned the history of the monastic complex, which was built many centuries ago, felt the presence of our spiritual fathers existence. Interest was great, especially around “Gavazan Syun”, which is devoted to Holy Trinity and is among the 8 wonders of Armenia. In one of Syunik picturesque places the group had a little rest, and said goodbye to Syunik with expectation of returning again.

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