Minister of Emergency Situations visited Lori

17:24 / 07.07.2014

On July 7, the Minister of Emergency Situations Armen Yeritsyan by Prime Minister Hovik Abrahamyan’s instructions visited Lori.

The Minister’s first stop was in Lori regional administration, where a meeting and a press conference by participation of Marzpet Arthur Nalbandyan, heads of local authorities and journalists was held. The main reason of the visit was the earthquake, that had occurred that night in Vanadzor, which rose irrelevant panic among the population.

The Minister informed the press conference participants, that at 3o’clock that night, Head of Seismic Protection Survey Hrachya Petrosyan reported about a magnitude 5 earthquake in Vanadzor. Armen Yeritsyan noted, that such earthquakes always happen. Minister urged not to believe false rumors, not to give too much panic, as every second seismic situation is under the control of Seismic Protection Survey.

In his speech, Head of Seismic Protection Survey Hrachya Petrosyan mentioned, that such kind earthquakes are frequent in the region, and there is no need to panic. Due to weak earthquake the crust reduces charge and because of seismic energy loss, strong earthquakes are prevented. Currently seismic monitoring network has not recorded any such deviation, which would presage a strong earthquake.

All those rumors about expected strong earthquake are false. You must only follow through official news, which provides the Ministry of Emergency Situations. Professor Sergey Nazaretyan gave a brief picture of the observations after the earthquake in 1988, and assured, that such weak earthquakes for this period had always been and will be, and that is quite normal. They are the aftershocks of the 1988 earthquake, that are gradually disappearing. Answering the journalists’ questions, Minister Armen Yeritsyan, noted that now Observatory Garni is re-operating, and there we already have one of the unique deformograph, that creates a wide field for research. From Lori Regional administration the Minister left for the new building of regional department of the MoES of Lori in Vanadzor. Here the minister accompanied with Lori Governor Arthur Nalbandyan, walked through all the rooms of the building, visited Lori CMC, got acquainted with the work done. Main works in the building have been completed and it will soon be put into operation.

Thereafter, Armen Yeritsyan visited Aragatsotn, where the Minister was introduced to the area where it is planned to build the new building of Aragatsotn regional department of the MoES. Minister walked around the area and gave appropriate instructions for construction.


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