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13:44 / 23.06.2014

Training exercises at an international school in Dilijan

On June 22, the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Armenia, on the initiative of “RD Construction Armenia” company, organized a special tactical exercise at the site of Dilijan International School. The company carries out the construction work of the school.
The subject of the training exercise was “Rescue operations at the construction site”. The goals were:
• enhance practical skills of firefighting and rescue operations of the heads, the correct assessment of the created situation, management of the involved forces and means,

• improve Tavush SRD, Ijevan and Dilijan fire-rescue squads' practical skills during rescue and extinguishing operations,

• systematize the actions of reacting forces.

In educational exercises partook the staff of Tavush SRD crisis management center, fire and rescue squads of Ijevan and Dilijan, 1 ambulance, employees of “RD Construction Armenia” LTD and media representatives.

According to the scenario, during the construction works at Dilijan International School one of the buildings had collapsed, and one employee remained under the ruins. On the staircases of the adjacent building a stoppage had occurred, 3 employees were stuck on the roof of the building, the driver of the crane did not respond to the signals, a fire broke out at the warehouse of the building materials.



Rescuers, who had arrived at the scene, with the help of ropes brought down the crane driver, took the “injured” out of the ruins, and the firefighters simultaneously carried out extinguishing work. With the help of ropes the rescuers also evacuated the employees, who were stuck on the roof.

The representative of the company of “RD Construction Armenia”, the project director Dmitry Letov noted, that security at the construction site is one of the basic principles of their work:
- Over 2 years of working here, and thank God, we have not had any problems until now. However, such events help to enhance the preparedness of the employees.
Within the scope of the training exercises, “RD Construction Armenia” organized a small fire extinguishing competition, which was attended by company employees and media representatives. The winners were awarded with medals and fire extinguishers.


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