Huge fire in Stepanakert

09:00 / 17.06.2014

Firefighter - rescuers have saved the lives of dozens of people

According to the information of State Emergency Service and Public Relations Department of NKR, on June 16, at 13.37 the State Emergency Service’s control center of Stepanakert Rescue Department received an information, that in Azatamartikneri 36 street in one of the auditoriums of the vocational education programs center of Stepanakert branch of the National Agrarian University of Armenia fire broke out.

Seven fire vehicles and 2 rescue vehicles of special rapid response units had left for the scene. In parallel an evacuation was also carried out by the firefighters.

The fire broke out in one of the first floor auditoriums and had blocked the path to the exits and some windows. There were 150 students, 30 lecturers and staff in the building during the fire.

The fire was isolated at 14:37 pm and extinguished at 15:50pm. In rescue works also actively participated the police of NKR.

The Prime Minister of the Republic, the concerned leaders of agencies and high-ranking officials also left for the scene.
As a result of fire an auditorium was burnt, the cause of the fire and the extent of damage would be determined.

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