The beginning of a new cooperation

14:39 / 16.06.2014

Within the framework of cooperation between the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Armenia and the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, on June 16, scientific workers of the department of the Institute of Rock Structures and Mechanics of Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, doctors Pavel Kalenda and Libor Neuman arrived in Yerevan.

The Czech side will support the Ministry of Emergency Situations in resetting and modernization works in Geophysical Observatory in Garni.

It is planned to install a new digital slant measuring station in one of the rooms of the tunnels instead of the old one, by which crustal deformation will be measured, as a direct indication of a possible strong earthquake.

Before leaving for Garni, the guests visited the Armenian-Japanese observatory of strong ground motions located on the territory of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, familiarized with Armenian-American unique device actuator, visited the Crisis Management center of the MoES.

During the nine-day visit will be outlined the further steps of already established cooperation.

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