Lars highway is closed (completed)

09:01 / 28.05.2014

On May 28, at 10:00 am, the accident - restoration activities were resumed. Lars highway is still closed.


On May 17, at 14:43, an information was received from MIA of GR Emergency Department, that in the result of the landfall on Lars, 8 people were lost , one body was discovered in one of the local hospitals, who was a citizen of South Ossetia, 2 of the remaining 7 were also discovered today, but in unrecognizable state. There are also ethnic Armenians in lost ones, Russian citizens Karpo Poghosov (born in 1957) and George Gevorgov, there was no still any information about them.


On May 18, according to the information received from the Department of Emergency Situations of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia, 11 citizens from the RA (citizens were not affected) were taken to a safe area from the disaster zone.

1. Gegham Asenyan (born in 1992)
2. Hovhannes Irisyan (born in 1977)
3. Tigran Gasparyan (born in 1985)
4. Harut Harutyunyan (born in 1987)
5. Erik Matevosyan(born in 12.11.2012)
6. Gor Nazaryan (born in 02.08.1982)
7. Karen Ghazaryan ( born in 24.06.1967)
8. Kristine Khachatryan(born in 07.07.1982)
9. Lida Atoyan( born in 28.09.1986)
10. Hovhannes Khachatryan (born in 28.09.2001)
11. Narek Khachatryan (born in 30.12.2004)

Recall that, on May 17, from the Department of Emergency Situations Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia has been received an information, according to which at 09:20 in the middle of the Gveleti - Darial (Internal Lars) highway, on the shore of the river Terek occured a landfall, dimensions of which were length 150 m, width 60-70 m and height 30 -40 m.


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