Color change of the river Gegharut doesn't foretell earthquakes

12:31 / 16.05.2014

On May 8-9, the Seismic Protection Survey specialists of the MoES of the RA, Head of the Department of Geology of “SPSArmS” SNCO Rafael Harutyunyan and chief specialist of seismic resistance of structures Valery Khondkaryan were sent to Aragatsotn Marz, Aragats village to find out the reasons of the change in the chemical composition of the river Gegharut.
In Aragats village the specialists of seismic protection system first met with the deputy head of the district S. Beybutyan, got acquainted with the situation and went to Gegharut River and to small hydroelectricity dam areas.
The purpose of the visit was to find out, what the changes in the chemical composition of the river Gagharut were conditioned by, according to media signal, by changes in geological conditions or the construction of two hydroelectric power stations on the river.
It is known, that changes in the composition of radon, helium and other chemical elements in groundwater (sources) could presage an earthquake.
The area of Gegharut river, from the geomorphological point of view, is on the volcanic slopes of Aragats.
In geological terms, the area is represented by basalt, andesite-basalts, in some places – by volcanic sands. Near the study area there is a number of faults, one should be noted the gap Aragats - Mount Ara, which separates Mount Aragats into two fragments.
According to the norms of earthquake engineering design (RADN 6.02.2006) and seismic zoning map, Aragats district is in the second zone, has an acceleration 0.3g, which corresponds to a magnitude 8-9 earthquakes. Study area is located on the slope of Mount Aragats. The river has a constant streams, deep and narrow path. The river is fed of mixed -sources, snow and rain.
It should be noted, that on Gegharut river and on river feeding sources monitoring is not carried out. According to local residents, in the mountain crater of Mount Aragats, in sources (waterfall area), there were always iron ("rust") containing brown waters, but before the construction of HPP-s the river on its way was cleared.
Water testing was conducted by professionals for chemical laboratory tests. According to experts’ conclusion, the question has an ecological character that has nothing to do with the change of seismic hazard.

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