Anti-fire Blankets for MES

15:03 / 20.09.2013

Today, Ministry of Emergency Situations hosted the Deputy director of the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR), the project manager of DRR Anahit Gasparyan. In collaboration with the Ministry of Emergency Situations, UMCOR donated anti-fire blankets and bandages of Water Jel. to the ministry.
Expressing his gratitude for the presents the director of Rescue Service of MES major-general S. Azaryan, mainly said:
“This is a necessity for rescue operations. Thank you for the gift you have provided. It will serve its purpose and I think our cooperation will further strengthen”.
Water Jel’s blankets are provided for the first aid to the burnt victims. The blankets quench the fire, prevent scald development, freeze the skin, mitigate the pain and protect the burnt part from pollution. The Water-Jel’s blankets consist of scientifically derived cooling gel and special material.
Being 100% wool cloth, the blankets are able to absorb 13 times more its weight. The blankets can be put on straight the clothes and they never glue to the wounds.


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