Emergency Ministry Will Soon Launch Its Aviation. MES's next big initiative.

11:20 / 18.09.2013

On September 18 Minister of ES A.Yeritsyan accompanied by the MES commission, visited airport "Stepanavan" CJSC.
The Minister was accompanied also by the founding Director of the first airline companies, a pilot Hakob Chagharyan, who provides professional advice to the Ministry of Emergency Situations.
Let us remind that in August 2013, according to the decision of the Government of the Republic of Armenia the full package of shares of the state CJSC "Stepanavan airport" was handed over the Ministry of Emergency Situations of RA. The airport is 6 km far from Stepanavan center, it is in the south of the village Saratovka. The area of the airport buildings and constructions is about 1150s/m, and the land allocated for the use is 61,7 hectare(ha). The company hadn’t been in function since 2006.
The tour was intended to get familiar with the airport area, to identify problems and clearly outline the steps which should be done to operate and serve for its purpose.

Tremendous work must be done in the area of the airport, the administrative building, the 2050m runway will be completely repaired, the area must be enclosed and many other measures will be implemented to meet international standards. MES aviation will also provide anti-hail activities .
Highlighting the launch of the airport the minister A. Yeritsyan specifically mentioned:
“This airport is a necessity for MES. Due to the launch of the airport, the prevention of emergency situations and the effectiveness of organizing the rescue work inside the country and abroad will be increased”.
It also has strategic significance, the launch of the airport will promote the development of the small aviation. There will be helicopters and small planes, as well as it will be the center of Armenian- Russian humanitarian aviation.

“I think, that in 2014 our helicopters and planes will implement their flights from this airport, which will be one of the best. We will do monitoring and exploration research, search and rescue operations from here, we will respond forest fires, and most importantly we clearly see the role of aviation to make the anti hail struggle more effective. We see the difficulties, we have a clear idea of the huge barriers, particularly financial, but also the powerful aviation vision encourage us. And we'll do everything to implement it”.
The minister also visited Saratovka village Municipality to discuss further cooperation and possible options for expansion of the airport area with the mayor and inhabitants.
Yeritsyan promised that new jobs will be created for the village inhabitants.
In his turn, Mayor Garnik Madoyan noted, that he highlights and appreciates this initiative. Friendship with MES and the exploitation of the airport will give new breath not only to Saratovka.

The TV reportage about the visit will be broadcasted on Public Television, today at 21:00.



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