A Session in the Ministry of Emergency Situations of RA

11:35 / 12.08.2013

Today,  a  weekly  session  was held  in the ministry of  Emergency  Situations  of  RA, chaired  by  the minister  Armen Yertsyan. During the session the director  of  RS, major- general  S. Azaryan  reported  about  the emergency  accidents  registered during the week and accordingly  the measures undertakenand about the testing of the device which is meant for the  underwater investigation.
By  the instruction  of  the  minister  improvement  and  construction works have  begun  in the center of special rescue service. A united technical   base will also be   established   for  the  MES departments. 

By another instruction of the minister ES Armen Yeritsyan  from that day on fire and technical security inspection employees  will wear uniforms during the inspectionwork.
During the session  the Deputy Head of the Seismic Protection Service Agency A. Tovmassyan informed that the Garni  observatory reconstruction work is going on with the russian specialists.The agency is also planning to organise training courses for the employees  from  different departments of the ministry. Last week in Syuniq Region 4 training courseswere  carried out in the framework of the   project   Armenian-Swiss “Echo:   Medical  Associations.” 

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