Training Course For Disabled Staff of MES

17:18 / 07.08.2013

Seismic Protection Service  Agency  of  MES of  RA is continuing  the work towards the awareness of  population  as well as among  the new  staff  of  the MES employees.

Today a training  was  held in the ministry of  ES. The theme of the training was the seismic protection. It   was conducted  for the disabled  staff  working in the seismic protection management center. 

Earthquake is one of the natural phenomenon, which   is more actual in our region and   increasing  national awareness  to promote disaster preparedness of  the population  is  one of  the urgent problems. Besides   disabled  people considered to be the most vulnerable part of the population. 

The staff  of  the ministry of emergency situations of  RA(especially  those  who are involved in the operative management sphere) must have definite imagination about the occurrence  of  an earthquake, about  the  casual connections, the resisting mechanisms, in order to show assistance to people in any time. 

During the lecture the Deputy Head  of  Seismic  Protection  Service  Agency  A. Tovmassyan  presented  Earthquake, where, why, when and types and  peculiarities of earthquakes occurring in Armenia. After that, the senior specialist  of the Seismic Risk Reduction Department H. Kirakosyan introduced the audience the earthquake safety guidelines. An active discussion went on during the training, many questions were  asked,  to which   explanations and complete answers were given by the specialists.


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