Issues Related to the Activities of WUC were Discussed

00:00 / 06.05.2011


Council under the leadership of RA Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Territorial Administration Armen Gevorgyan, chairman of the council coordinating activities of the Water Using companies and Associations of Water Using companies with the participation of the marzpet of Ararat E. Barsghyan, leaderships of MTA State Water Committee, Programs of development and improvement of water economy, TA Deputy Minister A. Bakhshyan.

Issues related to the activities of WUC were discussed during the council. Deputy Prime Minister underlined transparent practice of the WUC, available for public. He attached importance to the increase of efficiency of the WUC management council concerning improper if their work obtains formal character.

Taking into account that the WUC are self-governing bodies, A. Gevorgyan once more emphasized more active participation of the public representatives to their management process. He also referred to this issue in the conference with the participation of the representatives of WUC carried out by “Millennium Challenge Fund – Armenia” SNCO on April 27.

Deputy Prime Minister charged the representatives of the MTA State Water Committee to participate personally in the sessions of WUC’s management council to discuss the above mentioned issues also with the heads of the communities, interested citizens.

The discontent of the population and NA Deputies of the activities of “Vedi” WUC, as well as press publications were also referred to. A. Gevorgyan charged the Deputy Minister of the Territorial Administration A. Bakhshyan to create a working group involving the representatives of water-economy-state-committee, offices of program implementation in order to implement examinations of above mentioned WUC and to present their results in a seven-day period.

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