Council with the Participation of Marzpets

00:00 / 04.05.2011


In the council held under the leadership of RA Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Territorial Administration Armen Gevorgyan with the participation of marzpets on May 3 the RA Minister of Education and Science Armen Ashotyan presented issues related to the sphere of education. Particularly issues related to the conduction of competition of directors in the comprehensive schools, assessment of the teachers, teaching of chess in the schools, licensing procedure of the state schools and other issues were discussed.

Minister of Education and Science mentioned that he expects the assistance of the marzpets to ensure public and transparent competition of the directors of the comprehensive schools.

A. Ashotyan informed that the State inspections of education have conducted inspections since last year in the educational departments of the marzpetarans and it is expected collaborative work for the improvements of the noticed shortcomings. Deputy Prime Minister charged the marzpets to be consistent for the improvement of the disclosed shortcomings and to hold the process in the center of their attention.

RA Minister of Labor and Social Issues A. Grigoryan presented information on introduction of the integrated social services and the process of provision of necessary housing conditions to set joint receptions in the marzes. Deputy Prime Minister charged the marzpets, whose marzes have problems of provision of territory yet, to discuss the issue and to present proposals on the territories to the Ministry of Labor and Social issues. A. Gevorgyan also proposed to send a delegation on business to Georgia with the participation of representatives of social services of the marzes in order to get acquainted with the experience of introduction of system of integrated social services.

The head of the RA National Statistical Service St. Mnatcakanyan referred to the census organization. The presents came to the agreement to carry out sessions of commissions of marzes for census preparation and organizations in Yerevan and in the marzes up to May 15.

Deputy Prime Minister drew the attention of the marzpets to the circumstance that for normal organization of census the issues related to the address changing should be completed by June 1, for the corresponding subdivision of RA Policy will be able to sum up the data and to provide them to NSS.

The general director of the “Armenian Electric Network” CJSC Yevgeni Bibin presented to the marzpets the works that are planned to be implemented during the year. They came to the agreement that the representatives of the company will start visiting mazes in the near future to discuss the issues of cooperation related to the work implementation and other issues on site.

The process of implementation of the programs of solution of priority issues in the marzes were also referred to in the council. Information was provided that in all the marzes the contracts are already concluded and the construction will launch soon. Deputy Prime Minister charged the marzpets to hold the process of the program in the center of their attention and to present a report on the works implemented periodically.

The indices of collection of personal income of the communities during the first four years were also presented. A. Gevorgyan charged the marzpets to hold the process of collection under the special attention and to implement consistent works for the provision of defined indices.

They also referred to the arrangement of the 15th jubilee measures of establishment of Local Self-governing system. A number of measures are also planned in the marzes and Deputy Prime Minister charged the marzpets to ensure their proper organization and implementation. By the way, “Marzes of Armenia” mobile exhibition of photographer Martin Shahbazyan will also be presented in the marzes on the occasion of 15th anniversary of LSGB. A number of other issues were also discussed in the council.

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