Deputy Prime Minister Received the Head of the EU Delegation, Ambassador Raul de Luzenberger

00:00 / 03.05.2011

RA Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Territorial Administration, chairmen of the nationwide commission for census organization and conduction A. Gevorgyan received the head of the permanent delegation of the European Union in Armenia, Ambassador Raul de Luzenberger today. The head of the RA National Statistical Service Stepan Mnatcakanyan was also present in the meeting.

The parties discussed the issues related to the possible assistance of the European Union to the census conduction in Armenia.

Deputy Prime Minister presented the works of census preparation and conduction, provided information on the works implemented, particularly on trial census conducted in October 2010. Financial recourses necessary for the census, as well as the financial recourses that the Government expects to involve by means of donor organizations, particularly by means of EU structures and EU member states were mentioned.

A. Gevorgyan informed that the allocations, provided by the state budget for the census conduction will make up 25 per cent in comparison with the 21 per cent of the previous census. To involve other financial resources, the RA Government carries out active works with international and donor organizations.

Attaching importance to the census conduction, the head of the European Union Delegation RA Raul de Luzenberger expressed his willingness to assist the process and presented the possible variants of the European Union assistance.

Appreciating the approach, A. Gevorgyan mentioned that the RA Government will discuss the more efficient variant of the cooperation for the Armenian side aiming at starting the works with EU urgently.

Issues related to the cooperation with the EU in the sphere of territorial development were also discussed during the meeting. Deputy Prime Minister informed that the program implementing in this sphere with the EU from the Armenian side will coordinate the RA First Deputy Minister of Territorial Administration V. Terteryan. At the same time, A. Gevorgyan attached importance to the cooperation with the EU mentioning that EU cooperation has a strategic significance for Armenia in the sphere of proportionate development of the territories. The sides came to the agreement that the First Deputy Minister of Territorial Administration V. Terteryan will pay a working visit to Brussels during which it is planned to discuss the framework of the programs implementing jointly and the perspectives of enlargement and deepening of the cooperation. The parties referred to the membership of the Republic of Armenia, particularly Tavush and Lory marzes, to the Assembly of European Regions. The parties attached importance to the capacities of the direct cooperation of territorial authorities mentioning that such cooperation has a great developing potential.

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