A. Gevorgyan Visited Gegharquniq and Vayots Dzor

00:00 / 29.04.2011


RA Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Territorial Administration Armen Gevorgyan acquainted with the works of rehabilitation of irrigation infrastructures during the working visit paid to Gegharquniq marz today.

Accompanied by the marzpet of N. Poghosyan, general executive director of “Millennium Challenge Fund – Armenia” SNCO A. Hovsepyan, Deputy Prime Minister was in the territory of Akunq village i.e. main sector of automatic system of irrigation water of Vardenis. The system has been rehabilitated by the program of “Millennium Challenge Fund – Armenia”. 5 km sector of the system of 9,4 km length has been fully renovated, and 4,4 km is to be rehabilitated. The works completed at the end of the last year, and it is possible to use the whole power of the system in the current irrigation period.

A. Gevorgyan also visited the pumping site of Martuny. Information was provided that generally 75 per cent of the works has been implemented. Reconstruction of the second stage of the double-stage pumping station is completed, the renovation is implementing. The construction of the 1st stage of the building is in the process. It was mentioned that the works are implementing in accordance with the schedule. Deputy Prime Minister attached importance to the qualitative and in time implementation of the works.

In Vaghashen community of the marz A. Gevorgyan acquainted with the building conditions of the House of culture, the reconstruction of which is planned to complete by the program of solution of priority issues. For this purpose 48,2 million AMD will be provided. The reconstruction of the building began 2 years ago by means of Armenian Social Investment Fund. Deputy Prime Minister was informed that the works of projecting and calculating are completed and the construction will launch during the coming ten days. The marzpets were charged to hold the process of the program in the center of their attention.

From Gegharquniq Deputy Prime Minister left for Vayotc Dzor marz. In the municipality of Yeghegs, in which the leaders of the community of Yeghigs canyon also participated, the current issues were presented.

The process of collection of personal income in the above mentioned communities was also referred to. Generally, estimating the collection tendencies positive, A. Gevorgyan charged to carry out continuous works to ensure the indices of community budget.

Issues related to the process of spring agricultural works were also discussed.

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