Discussions of Social-Economic Development Programs of Marzes are Continuing

00:00 / 25.02.2011

Discussions of development programs of marzes carried out under the leadership of RA Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Territorial Administration Armen Gevorgyan in the marzpetarans are continuing.

Development programs 2011-2014 of the mentioned marzes were discussed by participation of the leadership of MTA marzpetarans of Vayots Dzor and Kotayq.

Works, investments’ volume to be implemented during the defined period in different spheres were presented.

Deputy Prime Minister noted that the programs need additional elaboration both to reflect the whole volume of the investments and to identify the mechanisms of application of program’s monitoring. Marzpets were charged to create working groups to elaborate additionally working plans 2011 and common documents with TA Ministry, as well as to identify the mechanisms of the monitoring.

Comparative analysis of accounting indices of the budget 2011 of the communites in comparison with 2010 was presented. The problem of reviewing the budgets will rise in the communities, the planning indices of which were defined less than previous year as well as basic indices of personal income has not been fully reflected in the documents.

A. Gevorgyan attached importance to the procedure of provision of state and communities’ rent lands to the agricultural economies from the point of fulfilling the community budget for which the facilitated procedure is currently operated. 10 per cent of Kotaq’s and 25 per cent of Vayots’ Dzor’s common land is under the lease, and this means that a great number of reserves are available for fulfilling the budget of the communities and the marzpets were charged to implement corresponding works in the communities.

The issues of machines subjected to be rejected that are accounted in the community’s property basis were as well discussed. Deputy Prime Minister reminded that till in 2009 the communities were given an opportunity to clean up property basis of such transport by relative legislative amendments but their existence means that the opportunity was not fully utilized. A. Gevorgyan charged to provide information on the quantity of worthless transport after which the issue will be discussed in the Government.

The issues related to works of formation the main plan of the community were discussed. The main plan should be formed by the procedure defied by the decision of RA Government accepted on March 4, 2010 “on approval of the amendment order and expertise implementation of facilitated main plan elaboration of RA rural communities”, but it was mentioned that there are communities in Kotayq marz that had ordered zonal scheme before the acceptance of the decision. That is why Deputy Prime Minister charged the marzpet of Kotyq to apply to the Ministry of Urban Development to ensure the procedure and to present to the Government to be approved.

A number of other issues related to the agricultural works, organization of new irrigation period were discussed.

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