Comments on the Procedure of Children’s Registration in the State Register of Population

00:00 / 23.02.2011

On the occasion of publication in the mass media on the procedure of children’s accounting it should be clarified that the registration of children in the State Register is implemented not in the separate settlements but in the whole State.

RA Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Territorial Administration Armen Gevorgyan at the begging of the year has charged marzpets to implement joint cooperation with the corresponding bodies to organize registration of children studying in the schools and nursery schools in the State Register of Population.

The goal of such order is summing up the State Register that is necessary for a number of procedures (for instance, levies).

In the publications are fairly noted that that children are accounting while providing them birth certificate, and there is no need of double registration. But it should be mentioned that operating state registration of population was established in 2006 and that children were registering in the cases when it was necessary to get passport to go abroad. Thus the basis before 2006 is incomplete. Since 2006 children are being registered regardless they have a passport or not.

Besides, in the result of researches implemented by different international and non-governmental organizations it was found out that there are a lot of not registered child birds. Particularly it was found out that some children attending schools are not registered anywhere. Such statue is dangerous and may be a cause of exploitation of children. The goal of the procedure is also to exclude such cases. That is why it was decided to implement registration of all children in the state register of population by means of requiring reference on accounting.

On this purpose National Assembly made amendments by the proposal of RA Government “on the state duty” of RA Law, according to which the references for children down to 16 are provided by corresponding infrastructures of RA Police free of charge.

It should be noted that the procedure will be going on up to the end of the current year and will be completed on May 30.

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