The Process of Development Program of Lory and Shirak Marzes were Discussed

00:00 / 22.02.2011

The process of development program was discussed during the council carried out under the leadership of RA Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Territorial Administration Armen Gevorgyan in RA Lory and Shiral marzes today.

The social-economic development programs 2010-2013 of RA Shirak and Lory marzes were discussed. The works to be implemented in different spheres in marzes in the mentioned period were presented.

Deputy Prime Minister concerned the programs incomplete form the point of view of elaboration and monitoring methodology noting that the whole volume of investments to be implemented by the private sector and communities are also not reflected in them. He charged the marzpets of Shrak and Lory to form working groups to elaborate additionally common documents and working plans 2011 together with TA Ministry, as well as to identify the mechanisms of methodology application.

The comparative analysis of calculated indices of budget 2010 of communities was aother agenda during the council. It was mentioned that there are also communities in the marzes in the budgets of which are not fully reflected basic indices of personal income. Deputy Prime Minister charged the marzpets to propose the leaders of such communities to review them including in them basic indices of personal income fully and to ensure the previous annual planning level.

The issues related to rent lands were also discussed. Deputy Prime Minister noted the procedure of pasture tenancy was particularly facilitated by legal acts accepted last year and the heads of the communities may interest the rural economies in order to increase the volume of rent lands. It will also ensure additional access to community budget.

A number of issues related to works of spring rural economy, organization of the new irrigation period were dscussed.

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