Deputy Prime Minister Visited the Workshop of Concrete Constructions

00:00 / 19.02.2011

RA Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Territorial Administration Armen Gevorgyan visited workshops of concrete constructions of “Kamurjshin” and “Tomshin concrete” companies in Kotayk marz accompanied by general executive director of “Millennium Challenge Fund – Armenia” SNCO Ara Hovsepyan.

A part of the order of necessary concrete vaqs for the program of rehabilitation of drainage system in Ararat valley and tertiary channels of “MCF-Armenia’ SNCO is carried out in this workshop. By and large, demand of vaqs make up 93,9 km, the contractors provided to “Tomshin concrete” 2086, and to “Kamurjshin” of 500 demand (length of 1 vaq is 6 km).

A. Gevorgyan acquainted with the quality of constructions produced. The responsible people ensured that the production technologies of vaqs meet with the requirements of criteria accepted and do not concede to products imported from other countries. They ensured that they will be able to carry out the order within the terms and to work overtime if necessary.

Deputy Prime Minister persuaded the leadership of “MCF-Armenia” to supervise the quality of the production always as the success of the program also depends on that.

It was informed that this and another two companies will be able to provide but the issue provision of 19 km vaqs of LP4 kind remains unsolved. A. Gevorgyan charged the leadership of the SNCO to discuss the issue of satisfaction of mentioned demand with the companies and to present proposals on import or production of them in the state.

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