Social-Economic Development Programs of Marzes are Discussed

00:00 / 16.02.2011

Discussion of development programs of marzes continues in the councils carried out in marzpetarans under the leadership of RA Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Territorial Administration Armen Gevorgyan with the participation of heads of Ararat’s and Armavir’s marzpetarans and the leadership of TA Ministry.

A report was presented that by “Social-economic development program of RA Ararat marz 2011-2014” it is defined to invest 143,7 billion AMD in different spheres. The investments only for 2011 will make up 33,1 billion AMD. The measures are expected both from state budget and donor organizations, as well as from other sources.

The common volume of the investments by “Social-economic development program of RA Ararat marz 2011-2014” will make up 102,3 billion AMD, and for 2011 – 27,8 billion AMD.

Underlining the necessity of provision of investments in defined directions Deputy Prime Minister simultaneously mentioned that the experience of implementation of similar programs are available and it will be taken into account in programs launching. A. Gevorgyan attached importance to improvement of monitoring system in implementation of the programs that will give an opportunity to carry out more efficient supervision, to solve problems currently rising. Deputy Prime Minister also referred to the problem of purposeful and efficient utilization of measures provided by reserve stock of RA Government for solution of problems of primary importance for RA marzes.

Deputy Prime Minister concerned the measures planned for 2011 of development program of Armavir incomplete and charged the marzpet to review and sum up it, particularly for the part of measures carried out in the sphere of rural economies.

The comparative analysis of calculated indices of budget 2011 of communities compared with the indices of 2010 were presented during the council. It was mentioned that the problem of reviewing the budgets will be in the communities in the budgets of which are not completely reflected basic indices of personal income, and the planning indices are less than previous year.

Issues related to increasing efficiency of collection of personal income were discussed. In this context Deputy Prime Minister referred to the problem of land lease of rural importance noting that there are reserves in both marzes (22,5 per cent of Ararat marz’s land and 1,2 per cent of Armavir marz’s land of community and state rural importance are actually under the lease) and the head of the communities can interest the agricultural economies to increase the volume of land under the lease and correspondingly personal income of the communities. He reminded that the decision on facilitating the process of pasture’s lease adopted by RA Government last year was carried out for that purpose.

The participants also referred to alienation process of lands of state and communities by auction. Taking into account that the greatest volume of alienation was registered in Armavir in 2010, Deputy Prime Minister charged the marzpets to persuade the heads of communities to alienate lands in maximum high price, otherwise to provide argumentations.

Issues related to organization of spring agricultural works, new irrigation period were discussed. The report was presented that large-scale works of rehabilitation of infrastructures in the irrigation system are carried out in two marzes by “Millennium Challenge Fund – Armenia” and everything is being done to organize unfailing irrigation. By the end of the program not only the irrigating territories will be extended but also the rehabilitation of tertiary channels will facilitate irrigation.

Deputy Prime Minister charged the marzpets to hold their attention to the documentation procedure of the families for being included in vulnerability estimation system in order to complete the documentation of all the interested families in defined terms.

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