Council with the Participation of Irrigation System Companies

00:00 / 05.02.2011

Council under the leadership of RA Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Territorial Administration Armen Gevorgyan took place in Tsaghkadzor today. The leaders of RA MTA State Water Committee, Water purchase and supply companies (WPSC) participated in the council.

Works implemented in the irrigation system in 2010 and the main directions of activities 2011, as well as issues related to agricultural works in the spring were discussed.

It was mentioned that a great attention will be paid to the increase of efficiency of activities of irrigation and water purchase organizations. The main goal of WPSC will be the provision of unfailing and requirement meeting water supply, efficient financial administration and discipline.

A. Gevorgyan noticed that RA Government directs the considerable part of the external means provided for development of infrastructures to the improvement of irrigation infrastructures and required to use all the opportunities to provide sufficient and unfailing water supply.

Summing up the results of activities 2010 Deputy Prime Minster estimated the activities of the system sufficient mentioning that the collections have increased by 350 million AMD in comparison with the previous year. However, A. Gevorgyan required to carry out collections of formatted profit in time and more intensively. In this context the list of water users having debts of more than 200 000 AMD for water supply will be presented to the attention of Deputy Prime Minster soon; for them will be taken corresponding measures.

Deputy Prime Minister persuaded the leaders of the companies to prepare seriously to the new irrigation period. He charged to conclude contracts with the customers before the launch of the irrigation period mentioning the volume of land under the service, sort of cultivated crops.

They also referred to works carried out to increase efficiency of irrigation system, particularly was attached importance to investments of GIS program in WPSC, in virtue of which management and calculation of irrigated territories and volume of water is carried out. The amendments of legislation on releasing irrigation services provided by WPSC of VAT were also highly appreciated for the sphere.

Another issue of the discussion was setting of water meters on deep wells in a short space of time. A number of leaders of WPSC were informed that it is already observed considerable decrease of pressure of underground waters, which creates a problem for supplying necessary volume of irrigation water. This phenomenon is particularly obvious in territory of Masis.

The head of RA MTA State Water Committee A. Andreasyan charged to examine the issues of provision of necessary volume of water for irrigation related to that phenomenon and to present proposals for solution of the problems raised.

The participants paid special attention to rational utilization of water in order to decrease water intake from Sevan. It was mentioned that the Government is intended to assist agricultural economies that would like to invest new irrigation technologies.

During the council they also referred to programs implemented in the irrigation system by “MCF-Armenia”. A. Gevorgyan persuaded the leaders of WPSC’s to assist the implementation of programs of rehabilitation of tertiary channels and pumping stations. He also put a question for the presents to warn the agricultural economies and to propose alternative variants of irrigation in case the renovation works of the pumping stations are prolonged.

WPSC’s provided information on the process and quality of works implemented by the programs of “MCF – Armenia” in the territories under their services. It was registered that there are problems unsolved by the program of “MCF-Armenia” in the territories of a number of WPSC’s. In this connection they came to the agreement to organize discussions onsite with the participation of responsible persons of “MCF-Armenia” and to solve the existing problems in a short space of time.

RA Deputy Prime Minister also attached importance to the program of technical assistance and capacity building of WPSC of “MCF – Armenia” in virtue of which new techniques will be provided to the companies by June. He expressed his hope that the program will also promote to increase work efficiency of WPSC.

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