MTA Activities 2010 were Summed Up

00:00 / 05.02.2011

RA First Deputy Prime Minister of Territorial Administration Vache Terteryan summed up works implemented in 2010 in the Ministry of Territorial Administration during the press conference today, he referred to priority problems 2011 of the Ministry.

V. Terteryan presented the main indices of the budget performance 2010 of communities, works implemented for improvement of legislation for increasing efficiency of LSGB’s activities.

Particularly it was mentioned that it was also observed continuation of tendency of increase of income collection in the communities in 2010. Common income has increased by 59,4 per cent or 31,2 billion AMD, personal income – 9,9 per cent or 2,1 billion AMD by January 1. Referring to the process of payment of salaries’ debts in the communities collected during previous years V. Terteryan informed that from 2.3 billion AMD debt of January 1, 2008 rests 383 million AMD by January1, 2011. 461.4 million AMD was paid only during 2010. Mentioning that in virtue of works implemented for improvement of administration such kinds of debts are not collected any more, he expressed his hope that the main part of the debt will be paid during the current year.

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