Session of the Council of “Sevan” National Park” SNCO Took Place in Gegharquniq Marz

00:00 / 04.02.2011

Session of the council of “Sevan” National Park” SNCO took place in Gegharquniq region today under the leadership of the head of the council, RA Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Territorial Administration Armen Gevorgyan.

Additionally elaborated project of SNCO’s budget 2011 of was presented and approved in the session. Information was provided that the whole volume of the document’s basis income and financial obligations of SNCO resulted in legal acts were taken into account (including obligations of SNCO for communities). The budget for income will make up 369,7 million AMD and for expenses 461,9 million AMD. The council decided to apply to RA Government by proposal to provided shortage amount in order to organize the works of SNCO efficiently.

The council as well examined the contracts of land rent concluded after September 1 of “Sevan” national park”. It was decided to create a working group to examine contracts concluded and the final decision will be presented in the next session.

RA Minister of Nature Protection was proposed to provide information on management plan of SNCO 2007-2011, as well as to present proposals on enlargement of SNCO’s services in order to increase the income.

The council also decided to create a working group by participation of representatives of RA Ministries of Nature Protection, Agriculture, Urban Development, Committee of Real Estate Cadastre that will implement examinations and present proposals on the minimum tariffs of land rent of the national park.

It was mentioned that in accordance with the agreement the departments of inner audit estimation and financial control of RA Ministry of Finance will implement audit of SCNO’s financial activities of recent years.

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