The Regular Session with Participation of Marzpets Took Place at RA Deputy Prime Minister

00:00 / 26.01.2011

Five year program of improvements in the sphere of management and utilization of multifamily housing of RA was discussed during the council carried out with the participation of marzpets at RA Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Territorial Administration Armen Gevorgyan. Ministers of RA Justice, Labor and Social Affaires, Urban Development, Finance, Economy, Mayor of Yerevan, representatives of other interested departments also participated in the discussion.

The new project of the program particularly proposes to invest a new model of multifamily management in accordance with which main responsible people of management, housing fund will be the owners and the State will assist to solution of problems by co-financing. Management of housing fund will be implemented by the selected body that should have a statue of legal entity and should be able to provide services. A schedule of measures was also presented attached to the program; as a result of its implementation it is foreseen to have good conditions of multifamily housing fund.

The document was elaborated by the interdepartmental working group created under the direction of Deputy Prime Minister. International researchers were as well involved. Representatives of NGO-s, operating social organizations also participated in the discussion, as well as proposals made by different interested departments and marzpetarans were taken into account. The project of the program will be presented soon to the Government for further discussions.

RA Minister of Labor and social affaires A. Grigoryan presented the problems emerged during the implementation of programs addressed to the enlargement of members receiving state benefits; it resulted in “conception of efficiency increase of information gathering in the system of state benefits. We should remind that the function of provision of references to be involved in benefit’s system has transferred from LSGB to territorial infrastructures of state authorized bodies since January 2011.

During the application of new mechanisms were particularly found out that addresses of some settlements are not specified that creates difficulties for reception of reference on place of residence (registration) and thus on family’s members. Deputy Prime Minister proposed to provide the information available in the Ministry to marzpets to solve the problem together with RA Committee of Real Estate Cadastre and Department of passports and visas of RA Police.

It was also mentioned that RA REC provides information about ownership to citizens for regional part and not for the whole state. A. Gevorgyan charged the representatives of the State Committee of Cadastre to solve the problem in a short time. It was registered once again that all the mentioned references are provided free of charge.

Next registered issue referred to provision of reference on cattle’s’ heads by veterinaries. It was mentioned that in some settlements there are vacancies of veterinaries that create difficulties for the procedure. Deputy Prime Minister charged the Minister of labor and social issues to present proposal on amendments in acting order to RA Government in a short space of time. It will give an opportunity to pass the above mentioned function temporary to the veterinaries of other regions.

Marzpetes were as well charged to take necessary measures with RA Minister of Agriculture in a short space of time to replenish vacancies. Before that the Minister of Labor and social issues was charged to carry out supervision for the procedure.

Issues related to preparation of military mobilization in the state and implementation of requirements of RA legislation on carrying out them, participation of marzpets in creation of system for military mobilization in the regions, their cooperation with military commissariat were discussed during the council with participation of RA Deputy Minister G. Badalyan and deputy general military inspector of RA President G. Faryan.

During the council they also referred to implementation of obligations of co-financing by the communities involved in the program of rehabilitation of tertiary channels implemented by “Millennium Challenge Fund – Armenia”. Deputy Prime Minister charged marzpets to work with the heads of communities to implement the necessary co-finance in defined terms.

The schedules of outgoing session of RA Government 2011 were also presented. Outgoing session of RA Government will be taken part correspondingly in Aragatsotn, Vayots Dzor, and Shirak marzs during nine months of the current year.

The procedure of transferring passenger platforms to “South-Caucasus railway” CJSC, as well as newly built gas pipeline under the direction of communities to “ArmRussgaspro” CJSC. RA TA Deputy Minister A. Bakhshyan informed that works implemented for transition to “South-Caucasus railway” are completed in 92 communities of 121 having passenger platforms. Works in 29 communities are in the phase of clarification. The procedures for transferring gas pipelines under the direction of communities to “ArmRuspro”CJSC are also completed except 2 communities of Armavir region. Marzpets were charged to present to RA Ministries of Energy and Natural Resources information about communities that have gas pipelines in their balance.

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