Issues Related to Implementation of MCF Program of Rehabilitation of Tertiary Channels were Discussed.

00:00 / 20.01.2011

RA Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Territorial Administration Armen Gevorgyan received the delegation of “Zarubejvodostroi” constructing company. The company has implemented rehabilitation in a number of communities by the rehabilitation program of tertiary channels of “Millennium Challenge Fund”. The head of MTA State water committee A. Andreasyan, general executive director of “Millennium Challenge Fund – Armenia” SNCO A. Hovsepyan also participated in the meeting.

Deputy Prime Minister mentioned that by the result of investigation and supervision of RA Government and MCF – Armenia” it was found out that the technical capacities and working rate of local partner of “Zarubejvodostroi” company is not sufficient to implement contractual obligations undertaken by the company.

The director of the company declared that he is ready to supervise the implementation of the program in person. They came to the agreement that “Zarubejvodostroi” company and “MCF – Armenia” will discuss the issues related to construction in order to clarify and accept the working schedule in a weekly period.

The guests also expressed their willingness to improve the situation by involving new local partners with sufficient technical capacities and to prove in practice that they are able to implement undertaken contractual obligations completely and in prescribed terms.

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