RA Deputy Prime Minister Continues Working Discussion in Marzpetarans

00:00 / 03.12.2010

RA Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Territorial Administration Armen Gevorgyan continues working discussions in marzpetarans aimed at acquainting with conclusive works of the current year.

The key issues discussed during the council in Armavir’s marzpetaran today mainly related to collection of personal income of the communities, acceptance of communities’ budget 2011 by the end of the year, the competition of agricultural works. Referring to the rate of collection of personal income Deputy Prime Minister persuaded to take measures to improve the indices particularly of the land tax.

Deputy Prime Minister was introduced to agricultural works implemented during the current year. It was mentioned that the volume of agricultural products has decreased in comparison with the previous year manly because of unfavorable weather conditions. Only the grapes’ crop has exceeded the indices of the previous year and it has been prosecuted without any loss i.e. 120 AMD for 1kilo. It was also reported that the rodents also have damaged RA agricultural economies and currently works against them are carried out together with the Ministry of Agriculture. To alleviate the damages of hail it has been set 32 unti-hail stations, 40 more stations are ongoing.

The process of woks implemented in the regions within the program of “Millennium Challenge Account Armenia” was also presented. It was mentioned that cleaning works of drainage network are carrying out in 13 communities, 24 communities of the region are involved in the program of rehabilitation of tertiary channels, the part of which has already provided the finance. Deputy Prime Minister attached importance to financial provision of all the selected communities mentioning that the program is a good opportunity of rehabilitation of inner economic network.

A. Gevorgyan also referred to sanitary state of region informing that the issue will always be in the center of attention of RA Ministry of Territorial Administration.

Deputy Prime Minister concerned the rehabilitation of mother channel of Talin and Armavir significant from the point of view of agricultural development of the region. He simultaneously persuaded the workers of marzpetaran to carry out supervision for qualitative work.

A number of other issues related to the problems of the region were as well discussed.

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